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- GAV - C28 staff chairProduct name: jiami staff chair gav-c28Product brand: GAVEE weiyiProduct specification: 580*510*900(including 1130 headrest)Package size: 680*640*340(1PCS) volume: 0.15m cubedPr


- GAV - C28 staff chair

Product name: jiami staff chair gav-c28

Product brand: GAVEE weiyi

Product specification: 580*510*900(including 1130 headrest)

Package size: 680*640*340(1PCS) volume: 0.15m cubed

Product weight: net weight 14.3kg /PSC gross weight 16.5kg /PCS

A detailed description

Product configuration: medium back mesh chair, high quality mesh fabric (black seat red back), plastic frame, nylon plastic chair foot, nylon wheel, lifting arm, Korean air bar (air bar travel is available in 60,80,100mm), tilting chassis (with lifting, tilting and locking functions), with headrest.

Fabric selection: see the picture of face plate for the color of conventional fabrics.

Product features:

1. Unique appearance design, smooth lines, integrated, concise and atmospheric, to create a comfortable, relaxed and pleasant work and rest environment for you.

2. Chassis has lifting, tilting and locking functions.

3. The handrail has lifting function and the head pillow can be turned.

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