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GAV - EOC - LMProduct name: GA series high-end office chair (leather chair)Product brand: GAVEE weiyiProduct specification: 580*600*780/860Packing size: 700*620*400(1PCS) volume: 0.17m cubedProduct we



Product name: GA series high-end office chair (leather chair)

Product brand: GAVEE weiyi

Product specification: 580*600*780/860

Packing size: 700*620*400(1PCS) volume: 0.17m cubed

Product weight: net weight 13.8KG/PSC gross weight 16.2KG/PCS

Product configuration: mid-back leather chair, anodized aluminum alloy frame, arm rest and five star chair foot, zinc alloy cover movable wheel, Korean pneumatic bar (three options of 80,100,120mm air bar travel), OKTG chassis (with lifting, tilting and locking functions)

Fabric selection: choose cloth, full PU, semi-genuine leather and semi-genuine leather (the part in contact with human body in front is genuine leather), four kinds of complete leather. The color of conventional fabric can be seen in the picture of lower face plate.

A detailed description

Product features:

1. Unique appearance design, smooth lines, integrated, concise, fashionable, comfortable, world classic style, for various office systems essential high-end office chairs.

2. The aluminum alloy frame can be plated or polished by surface treatment. It can also be sprayed by spraying.

3. The fabric and chassis can be selected according to the needs (there are four chassis available, including OKTG chassis, 166 chassis, 198 chassis and chair bracket).

4. The product has passed the international standard BIFMA test demonstration.

Function introduction:

OKTG chassis, chassis and 166 198 chassis have lift, leaning back, leaning back locking and rotation, and other functions, the chassis with tilting Angle can reach 18 ° back, and can be adjusted according to the weight of the human body leaning back efforts to the most comfortable state.

2. Aluminum alloy handrails can choose whether to wrap the jacket (the material of the jacket can be selected PU or high-quality cowhide)

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